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When you hear the word hardscape, think of the backbone of your outdoor environment.  Hardscape elements include but are not limited to:


A well designed, custom patio is the backbone of a new landscape. A new flagstone or paver patio can offer you a comfortable, outdoor environment to entertain family and friends. Patios complement landscaped gardens and surroundings as well as improve the external appearance of your property.

Designing a patio can be quite exciting when you realize the potential and freedom you have. They can be square, rectangle, circle, a free-form design, or a series of interconnected shapes that work together as a whole.

The selection of materials to construct your new patio is remarkable. Some of these materials include; Concrete, Clay, Brick and Natural Stone.  Within each of these categories are endless choices of color, shape, size, and texture. Your patio, however, does not need to be limited to a single material. Different materials can be applied in ways such as banding, borders, and inlays. These different applications can define certain areas and add focal points to your patio.

Fire Pits/Rings

Whether it be gathering close around a fire on cool, crisp night, or roasting marshmallows with family and friends, the addition of a fire pit or ring is a decision that many home owners are overwhelmingly happy they made.

Fire pits can be designed to fit any situation you desire. They can be built above ground or below ground and also have the ability to burn gas, propane, or wood. Fire pits can be constructed from concrete block or pavers to natural stone, all with different choices of color, shape, size, and texture. As you can see, a fire pit can be a lot more complex than just putting a hole in the ground.

But no matter what your style is, Spear’s Landscape can easily incorporate a fire pit into a custom design that will fit you and your landscape

Retaining Walls

Retaining and seating walls, along with pillars, not only serve as an important function in the landscape but can also add dimension to your yard. The choices are endless for type of material to construct your wall and pillars when looking at sizes shapes and colors available.  Spear’s Landscape frequently uses these common types of materials.

  • Concrete Block
  • Natural Stone
  • Brick
  • Boulders

Walls can be added to your landscape to serve a purpose other than retaining a hillside. Seating walls and pillars can be strategically positioned around patios and other elements to offer depth, as well as seating and lighting options. Some walls are purely decorative to define certain areas.  The type and placement of walls and pillars can make a great difference in the quality of your new landscape. This is why it takes time to custom design every aspect of your landscape.


Walkways are an important aspect in today’s landscapes. They are the element that connects and brings the entire landscape together. Walkways can range from complex paver front entryways to simple walkways of stone steppers in a garden. The choices of material to construct a walkway are close to endless. Edging and lighting can be added to give extra guidance and definition to walkways.
But no matter the complexity, Spear’s designs walkways to maximize function and beauty in your landscape.


Want to change or improve the look of your house? A well designed paver driveway will make a bold statement. The longevity of a paver driveway will outlast any concrete or asphalt driveway, with less maintenance as well.

Driveways can be more than just a straight path to your garage. The design and layout can make a huge difference by adding extra definition to your home. The use of banding, borders, inlays, and decorative aprons combined with the abundant material choices can make your property extraordinary.

Spear’s Landscape takes all of these considerations into effect when designing a new paver driveway. This way, your driveway ends up giving your house the curb appeal and “wow” factor that it deserves.

Polymeric Sand and Paver Protection/Sealants

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At Spears Landscape we understand the importance of every hardscape element and what impact it will have on your project.  Whatever you choose, Spear’s Landscape can design and build a custom patio specifically to fit your wants and needs that has a solid foundation and will last for years to come!

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