Outdoor Construction

Spear’s Landscape is determined to give you the landscape you have always wanted.  From small fences to large decks, we can provide almost any special construction project.  A landscape is more than just plants around a patio.  Outdoor construction projects can include features such as:


Outdoor Structures

Gazebos, pergolas, arbors, and arches are all forms of outdoor structures that offer a shady retreat on those warm, sunny afternoons, or just decoration to the landscape.

The most common material used to build these structures is wood, such as cedar and oak. However, any of these structures may also be made from composite materials or metal. The styles can also greatly differ with size, shape, and design to make your new outdoor structure truly unique.

Spear’s Landscape will creatively work with you to design any structure that will add style, grace, comfort, and an architectural character to your property that you will truly enjoy.

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Pergola and Fireplaces



Outdoor Decks

Decks are a great way to extend the living areas of your home while increasing the value and appeal of your property. They are close to a must-have for any person that loves to entertain, relax, and enjoy the comforts of the outdoors.

When designing a custom deck, there are many factors to consider. Among these are size, style, type of material, traffic flow, and step location. Other factors can be discussed with your designer such as the addition of a shade structure and railing type.

Spear’s Landscape can incorporate a well designed, custom deck into your landscape that will allow you to utilize the space more efficiently while also improving functionality.

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Outdoor Decks Spears Landscape




Fences are a common element in today’s landscape.  They can range from tall privacy fences, to chain link, to smaller ornamental fences.  Fences are constructed from wood, metal, or vinyl.  Gates and stone pillars can also be incorporated into any fence design.

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Pool Fencing



Masonry/Stone Work

Custom masonry and stone work can enhance your outdoor living space by adding accents of natural stone, such as limestone and fieldstone to name a few.  Any combination of these materials can give an added elegance to ay feature on your property such as a fireplace, kitchen, or pergola.

All of these features can give your landscape that extra appeal it wants while also maximizing the function of your yard.

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Outdoor Stone Fireplace Design