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Polymeric Sand and Paver Protection/Sealants

Paver driveways, patios, and walkways are investments that improve both the appearance and value of your home. In today’s landscape construction, polymeric sand is used as the infill between pavers or flagstone in your new patio or driveway. This product offers more benefits than a regular washed sand. Polymeric sand stabilizes pavers while preventing erosion, inhibits weed growth, and is resistant to ants and other insects.

Polymeric sand comes standard in all our paving projects.

There are two types of polymeric sand: RG and HP.

  • polymeric-sand-rg

    RG Sand –

    RG sand is used for standard projects and to fill joints up to 1″ wide.

  • polymeric-sand-hp

    HP Sand –

    HP sand is a heavier sand used for wide joints (up to 4” wide), in humid areas, and for surfaces with heavy traffic.

  • clear-look

    Clear Look –

    This sealer maintains the original look and color of the pavers while providing a barrier that protects the pavers from use and everyday wear and tear.

  • color-boost

    Color Boost –

    Color Boost offers the same protection as Clear Look while enhancing the colors of the pavers. This sealant gives your new pavers an extra pop.

  • wet-look

    Wet Look –

    Wet Look provides your new pavers with both strong protection and color enhancement, but also provides a year-round glossy look.

No matter the size of your new patio, walkways, or driveway, it’s important to use sealants to ensure full protection, allowing enjoyment of your new hardscape for years to come.

For more information on the products we use to ensure the longevity of your project, visit www.techniseal.com, and contact us to begin the design process.


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