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General Landscaping

The design experts at Spear’s Landscape pay close attention to every detail of your new landscape. Once we’ve installed your hardscapes, structures, or water features, it’s time to add the finishing touches. We’ll go over every option to determine the best design to achieve both beauty and function, as well as add longevity to your project. Options include:


Protect your investment with an irrigation system. It only takes a few hot, dry days to damage your landscape. An irrigation system offers many benefits, including not having to worry about watering when you are on vacation and eliminating the need to drag a hose around the yard. An irrigation system provides an excellent way to guarantee a green, healthy yard – big or small.

Benefits of an irrigation system include:

  • High-tech moisture sensors to ensure system efficiency.
  • Apps for smartphones and tables to control the system.
  • Drip systems for watering planters and hanging baskets.

Drainage Correction

The design experts at Spear’s Landscape always consider drainage correction as part of a new landscape project. Whether you need a major fix or a minor one, drainage will no longer present a concern when your custom landscape is complete.

Decorative Rock

Decorative rock is a more permanent design feature and is available in a wide range of colors and sizes to fit any custom landscape design. Our expert design professionals will work with you to determine the best options for your outdoor space, taking into consideration these key factors:

  • Rock should not be applied to areas that need constant upkeep, as rocks can be pushed into undesirable locations.
  • Some rock reflects heat, which can be detrimental to plants.
  • We install fabric underneath the rock to provide a weed barrier.

When installed correctly, rock can add a unique decorative element to your landscape.


Mulch is the most common choice for use in plant beds, available in a variety of colors. Mulch softens the look of hardscaped areas. Because mulch decomposes, plastic or fabric underneath is not needed. Although mulch needs to be top-dressed every few years, it retains moisture and adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.

We recommend using Preen, a granular product, twice a year to prevent new weed growth.


Edging is an important functional element in any landscape design. Edging provides a barrier between your lawn and plant beds. Each type of edging offers unique aesthetic qualities. Our landscape designers will help you determine the best edging for your landscape.

Plant Material and Sod

Spear’s Landscape installs only the highest quality of plant material. Our landscape designers take the time to make sure the right plants are selected for the right site conditions and to fit your style. Trees, shrubs, and plants add function as well as beauty to your property; for example, trees or large shrubs can serve as screens to unsightly views or provide focal points in the landscape. We offer a wide variety of plants to help transform your landscape into a function, colorful paradise to enjoy year-round.

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