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General Landscaping

At Spear’s Landscape, we pay attention to every detail of your new landscape.  Once your hardscapes and/or water features have been installed, it is time to add the rest of your new landscape.  Our designers will go over every option with you, to come up with the best plan to achieve both beauty and function in your landscape.  Some finishing touches below round out and support the long term use of your landscaping.  Some options include:


Make sure to protect your new investment with an irrigation system.  It only takes a few hot, dry days to lose your new landscape.  Not worrying about watering when you are on vacation or dragging a hose around the yard are just some of the conveniences that an irrigation system offers.  Weather you have a small lawn to a big yard with an extravagant landscape, an irrigation system is a great way to guarantee a green and healthy yard.

Specific benefits in the new age for irritation systems:

  • High-tech moisture sensors to ensure efficiency of system
  • Apps for smart devices to control the system
  • Drip systems for watering planters and hanging baskets
Drainage Correction

As part of your new landscape project, drainage correction is always considered.  Whether it is a major or minor fix, drainage will never be a concern when your new landscape is finished.

Decorative Rock

Rock is available in a wide range of colors and sizes.  Fabric is placed underneath the rock to provide a weed barrier.  Rock tends to be more permanent as well, not having to be replenished is an appealing feature.  However, rock should not be applied to areas that need constant upkeep, as they may be pushed into undesired locations.  Some rock can also reflect heat that can be detrimental to plants but when done right, rock can add a nice decorative element to your landscape.


Mulch is the most common choice used in planting beds and comes in a variety of colors.  Mulch can add a softening element around hardscaped areas.  Because mulch decomposes, plastic or fabric is not needed.  We recommend using Preen, which is a granular product, twice a year to prevent new weed growth.  Although mulch needs to be top-dressed every few years, it retains moisture and adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.


Edging serves an important function in the landscape.  It provides a barrier between your lawn and plant beds.  Each type of edging has their own aesthetic qualities bit all provide a sufficient barrier between your lawn and plant beds.  Our landscape designers will discuss with you what edging is best for you and your landscape.

Plant Material and Sod

Spear’s Landscape installs only the highest quality of plant material.  Our landscape designers take the time to make sure the right plants are utilized in the right site conditions and fit your style.  Trees or large shrubs can serve as screens to unsightly views, or provide focal points in the landscape.  Due to the wide variety of plants we offer, your landscape can easily be transformed into a functional, yet colorful paradise that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons!


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