Pergolas and Arbors

Structures That Provide Function and Elegance

Pergolas and arbors can range from simple to complex and be constructed in many styles that will fit the theme of your home.  These structures will add an architectural element to your landscape that everyone will compliment you on.  But they can also serve a function in your landscape that goes along with their beauty.  Pergolas are a great way to provide some shade in a sunny area.  Arbors can provide a screen for some privacy around decks or other areas.

But the other extra benefits that these structures can offer should not be overlooked.  Wiring can be ran so that TV’s and speakers can easily be mounted to make any outdoor area a great place for entertaining.  Hanging baskets and other plants are a great way to add some color to your structure.  Maybe you want some sort of art on it?  Not a problem.  These structures can even be constructed with water features incorporated, such as a fountain coming off into a pool.  Pergolas and arbors are great for any landscape, and should widely be considered in any outdoor area!

Pergolas and Arbors - Landscape DesignPergolas and Arbors - Landscape Project