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Outdoor Kitchens

Love cooking, but hate doing it inside? Especially in the summer, Minnesotans want to be outside as much as possible, and outdoor kitchens are the answer. Upgrade your grill space into a full outdoor kitchen and enjoy the weather while not worrying about overheating your house with the oven or stove.

The great thing about having outdoor space is flexibility. You can go as small or as large, as simple or as complex as you want in order to meet your family’s needs. Spear’s Landscape will guide you through the design and planning process. Whether you just want a moveable grill and a countertop installed, or a custom built-in-place kitchen with a countertop, refrigerator and other appliances, a sink, and lighting, we’re here to bring your outdoor experience to its maximum potential.

Call us today with questions or to request a quote. Let’s get cooking!


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