June Plant/Shrub of the Month

Twist n Shout Hydrangea

Twist n Shout Hydrangea

Latin Name: Hydrangea macrophylla ‘P11HM-1’

Type: Deciduous shrub

Family: Hydrangeaceae

Zone: 4 to 9

Height: 3 to 4 feet

Spread: 4 to 5 feet

Bloom Time: May to September

Bloom Description: Deep rose (alkaline soil) to violet blue (acidic soil)

Sun: Part shade

Water: Medium


Tolerates full sun only if grown in consistently moist soils.  Soil pH affects the flower color.  Add aluminum sulfate to the soil to make the flowers bluer or add lime to the soil to make the flowers pinker.  Begin soil treatments well in advance of flowering, as in late fall or early spring.  Plants generally need little pruning, but if needed, prune immediately after flowering by cutting back flowering stems to a pair of healthy buds.



A hydrangea that blooms from late spring to fall.  Large flower clusters make for a showy plant, and flower color can be controlled by soil pH.