Spear’s Landscape working with Michele Tafoya and KQRS

We have exciting news!

Over the next few months, Spear’s Landscaping and Michele Tafoya, longtime NFL sideline reporter on NBC’s Sunday Night Football and co-host of the KQ Morning show on KQRS, will join forces on air and in the backyard.

Tafoya, Emmy Award-winning sportscaster, entertains fans across the nation on TV and radio. Spears Landscaping, featured four times on popular HGTV shows Landscape Smart and Curb Appeal, creates upscale, residential outdoor living spaces that leave neighbors envious.

So, you might be wondering how these two leaders, in very different industries, are coming together, right? While Michele Tafoya does her magic on the radio, creating ads for us, we will be planning, designing, and creating the outdoor living space of Michelle’s dreams.

For updates on the progress of Michele’s outdoor landscaping project, tune into the KQ Morning show, and check our Spear’s Landscaping blog.

Pool Landscape Project Complete!

Earlier this summer we finished a pool landscape project that was started in the fall of 2015.  The project included an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, a custom fireplace, fire bowls, and a backyard pool.

The finished product turned out great! Here are some of the pictures:

Backyard PoolBackyard Pool at NightInground Backyard PoolBackyard Pool in DaytimeOutdoor Kitchen and BarOutdoor Fireplace and Living SpaceBackyard Pool Project & Retaining Walls Backyard Pool Landscaping Project Backyard Outdoor Stone Fireplace Backyard Pool Nighttime Landscape Design Minneapolis Spears Landscape - Landscaping Design - Backyard Pool

Mississippi River Project

Construction Updates

Spear’s Landscape is currently doing a shoreline restoration/landscape project along the Mississippi River.  One of the first things involved was removing the old existing wall that was failing and replace it with a new boulder wall with a rip rap shoreline.

Below are the before and after of just the shoreline.  Stay tuned for updates and more before and after pictures of the Mississippi River project!


Spear's Landscape Mississippi River Project Mississippi River Project - Spear's Landscape

Visualizing Your Project with 3D Landscape Design

Visualizing Your Project

Your new landscape project is something to be very excited about.  But many people cannot fully grasp what the finish product will look like when they just see the plan on a piece of paper.

Well, that time is coming to an end.

A 3D model of your landscape design can be generated to show almost exactly what your finished project will look like.  And these models are surprisingly realistic.  Models will be able to show what your hardscapes will look like (paver patios, walls, etc.) as well as structures such as pergolas and arbors.  Plants and trees are added to show colors and true size of what they will be in the future.  And for projects that have landscape lighting, a night time model may be generated as well to show how lighting will accentuate your landscape.

Because these 3D models are so close to what the finished product will be, it is easier for customers to work with our designers to truly achieve the look that they desire.  On some projects, there may be something that you wished you could have changed once the project is finished.  But being able to visualize your entire project before hand should eliminate that issue, allowing your new landscape project to be exactly what you wanted.

And that is what Spear’s Landscape’s goal is – to make the customer truly happy with every aspect of their project!


3D Model                                                                    

3D Landscape Design


Finished Project

Finished Product 3D Landscape Design


Pergolas and Arbors

Structures That Provide Function and Elegance

Pergolas and arbors can range from simple to complex and be constructed in many styles that will fit the theme of your home.  These structures will add an architectural element to your landscape that everyone will compliment you on.  But they can also serve a function in your landscape that goes along with their beauty.  Pergolas are a great way to provide some shade in a sunny area.  Arbors can provide a screen for some privacy around decks or other areas.

But the other extra benefits that these structures can offer should not be overlooked.  Wiring can be ran so that TV’s and speakers can easily be mounted to make any outdoor area a great place for entertaining.  Hanging baskets and other plants are a great way to add some color to your structure.  Maybe you want some sort of art on it?  Not a problem.  These structures can even be constructed with water features incorporated, such as a fountain coming off into a pool.  Pergolas and arbors are great for any landscape, and should widely be considered in any outdoor area!

Pergolas and Arbors - Landscape DesignPergolas and Arbors - Landscape Project


Enjoying the Outdoors in all Weather

As many of you know, this spring and summer has had more than its fair share of rain.  However, the inclement weather should not be a reason that you can’t enjoy the outdoors.  Underdecking is a fantastic choice that offers protection from rain and other elements so that you may enjoy the fresh air no matter what.

It is a drainage system that attaches underneath your elevated deck.  It collects water and runs it to a downspout, creating a usable, dry space under any deck.  Fixtures such as fans and lights may also be incorporated with the underdecking, further giving you a true outdoor living space for everyone to enjoy.

Don’t let rain ruin your outdoor experience – think about underdecking as a way to enjoy the outdoors throughout the summer, no matter what the weather brings!