2014 Contractor of the Year

Belgard World Class Awards

Belgard's Contractor of the Year 2014

Spear’s Landscape is proud to announce that we are Belgard’s 2014 Contractor of the Year!

Belgard is a nationwide leader in the development and supply of hardscape materials.  These materials include pavers, retaining wall block, fireplaces, brick ovens, and outdoor kitchen elements.  It is an honor to be recognized for all the hard work our team has put in throughout the years.  From the creative design and sales team to the knowledgeable foremen and installers, countless hours have been spent transforming our customers’ yards into outdoor living spaces that exceeded their dreams.  Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the success of our company and we look forward to providing more amazing projects for our customers to enjoy with family and friends for years to come!



It’s Not Too Early To Think About Next Year’s Landscape Project

Next spring may seem far away, but it’s not too early to start planning your landscape project for next year.  Whether you are thinking about a small planting project or an extensive hardscape project with an outdoor kitchen and patios, planning ahead will ensure that your project will exceed your expectations!

There are many benefits to planning over the winter.  The first one is that we can get you on the list so that you will be one of the first projects installed in the spring – allowing you to enjoy it throughout the summer.  Another benefit is being able to lock in this year’s pricing, as prices go up year by year.  And finally, the time over winter can be spent planning every detail of your project.  Our 3D design capabilities allow you to see your project and make any changes necessary to make sure you get everything you want and more!

Give us a call today or visit our website to see some of our work!

Outdoor Kitchen Landscape Project MN

Patio and Deck Problems in the Winter

Heaving Decks and Patios

This winter was especially cold, which caused the frost line to go deeper than most winters before.  Patios, decks, and other outdoor structures may have moved as a result of heaving.  This happens when moisture in the ground freezes and expands, which forces the ground to move.  If footings aren’t deep enough or there are drainage problems, your deck or patio could move and create problems.  There is help if this has happened to you.  Spear’s Landscape can fix your existing deck or patio so that it won’t happen again.  Grading or installing drains may also be installed to keep water away from where it may be harmful to your landscape.  Winter is hard enough, so don’t let it impair your favorite outdoor area for the summer.  Call us today if you would like help with your patio, deck, or other outdoor structures!


Patio and Deck Problems

Spring Water Problems

With the snow starting to melt, it’s hard not to notice all the water standing around.  And if your yard isn’t properly graded and landscaped, this water can cause water problems and possibly find its way into your home.  A new landscape from Spear’s Landscape can make sure your property has the proper drainage (for more information, check out Allscapes WA).  Grading can make sure that water stays away from any foundations and can channel water to run off in an efficient manner.  Rain gardens and plantings can be used to catch water as well, so that the actual run off amounts are drastically reduced.  Drains can also be installed to channel water away, while staying out of sight.  If you have water problems on your property, we can easily fix them so you won’t have to worry about water again!

Spring Water Problems


Warm Weather is Approaching – Think About Your New Landscape

Time to Start Thinking About Your New Landscape

This winter has been especially cold and full of snow, but thankfully spring is just around the corner!  With that, now is a great time to start the design process on your new landscape.

Imagine enjoying the company of friends or family in a new outdoor living area.  This could be new paver patio with a firepit or possibly an elegant fireplace.  Or how about a nice outdoor kitchen with a pergola?  The possibilities are endless.  Whatever it is, Spear’s Landscape can design a beautiful landscape that will be functional and fit your style.

Contact us today to meet with one of our designers and create an outdoor area that you can enjoy for many summers to come!


Belgard 2010 ~ Miller Rhino - Think About Your New Landscape

Magnesium Chloride

The Best Winter Care for Your Hardscapes

Most people have always used some sort of rock salt to melt and prevent ice during the winter months on steps and sidewalks.  But these rock salts have many negative consequences that go along with them.  They can eat away at your concrete (including pavers) that sacrifices the aesthetic quality of your hardscapes.  Also, the salt may be harmful to the surrounding plant material.  And one more thing, what about people tracking salt into your home?  All of these things are reasons not to use general rock salt during the winter.

So what should you use?  The answer is magnesium chloride.  Because of its effectiveness, magnesium chloride is a high performance deicer.  Found in pellet, flake, and liquid solutions, it will melt snow and ice effectively down to -13 F.  But the pest part is that it is also the most environmentally-sound choice.  Magnesium chloride provides very low impact to landscape surfaces as well as plant material.  It is also pet friendly as its low toxicity is comparable to Vitamin C.  The liquid is best used as a preventative before a winter event occurs, and is great as it does not track into the home.  The pellet and flake forms work just as well, so it’s up to you to see what works best for your situation.

Magnesium chloride has exploded in use and demand over the past two decades because it balances high performance with low environmental impact. According to Lexington KY wildlife control it also helps keep away unwanted raccoons. So before you put down that general rock salt, try magnesium chloride instead and preserve the condition of your landscape!

Magnesium Chloride


Enjoy the Outdoors at Night: Tips to Illuminate Your Landscape

Tips to Illuminate Your Landscape

Many people enjoy the summer nights outside, whether it be entertaining friends or just relaxing with family.  But once the sun goes down, a source of light is needed.  We have all seen that bright floodlight on the house above the door that is used to light up the backyard (not to mention attract bugs and temporarily blind you if you look at it).  But there is another, more subtle way to illuminate your landscape.

Lights should be placed near walkways and steps so you can see and to help guide you to where you want to go. You can have commercial electrician perth come out and install the lights for you. But lights can also be put out in your landscape to highlight certain features.  These could be fountains, art, or even certain plant material.  Lights can be placed to shine up at trees or also put high up in trees to shine down. If you have an old tree that is starting to die hire tree removal perth, to come take it out for you.

The biggest advantage to landscape lighting is that most of the time they are out of sight and out of mind, while still delivering plenty of light to enjoy your night.  Your lighting system also is usually connected to a timer, so even if you aren’t outside, you can enjoy the look of your landscape through windows of your home.  So the next time you see those big June bugs flying around that floodlight, think about a lighting system that you will be more than happy with!

Any questions about constructions can be solved by Brooks Construction.

Tips to Illuminate Your Landscape

Tired of that Muddy Lawn Every Spring?

Artificial Turf May be the Answer!

Every spring, many homeowners deal with the mess that is their muddy lawn and backyard.  This mud tends to be tracked into the home from people or pets.  However, artificial turf may be an easy solution.  Many people relate to expert lawn care advice: how to easily create a beautiful lawns at home , people love artificial turf for putting greens or playsets.  But one of the best uses for artificial turf is for lawns.  Smaller, shadier yards where grass has a hard time growing is a perfect place for it.  Not to mention all the other additional benefits that it offers, such as no more mowing, watering, or fertilizing.  Your yard will have a plush green look that you always desire.  Artificial turf is also environmentally and pet friendly.  So if you are tired of all the problems and hassles your yard has brought to you, think of artificial turf to enjoy all season and put your mind at ease!


Replace Muddy Lawns with Artificial Turf

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Area

Annuals in Planters and Pots

Chances are your outdoor living area already looks fantastic.  But what if you are looking for more ways to augment your paver patio?  Annuals are a great and cost-effective way to brighten up any outdoor area.  Hanging baskets can be hung around almost anywhere, but can also be planted in beds surrounding a patio or walkway to give it a flash of brilliance.  Also, annuals in decorative pots can be placed around patios to soften corners or on top of pillars to give a color boost that everyone can enjoy.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, hanging baskets or annuals in pots can make great gifts.  Remember, however, the rule of thumb is to not put out annuals until after Mother’s Day.  Usually by this time frost is no longer a factor and your annuals will be safe outdoors.  If you already have them, just make sure to bring them indoors at night.  Annuals will enhance any outdoor area with their bright color all summer long.

Enhanced Outdoor Living Area